Five Reasons Why You Need to Switch to Reusable, Collapsible cups

In a fast-paced world that is constantly evolving, we find new ways to make our lives easier. In the hustle and bustle of the big cities, you can barely find time to catch your breath, let alone sit to have coffee.

Luckily — thanks to companies like Starbucks, we have been able to take our favorite coffee drinks along with our busy day.
Some might even say it tastes way better on the go. Am I the only one who enjoys the creamy goodness of a cappuccino during the early morning rush?

But sometimes, our easier lives breed consequences. Mo' money Mo' problems, right? Our dependence on single-use cups for comfort has given birth to the biggest sponsor of climate change — plastic pollution. And sadly, the little disposable plastic cup you sip your coffee from every morning is the primary contributor to plastic pollution.

Fortunately, reusable cups have come up as worthy replacements to single-use cups. Here are five reasons why you should consider them.

1. They reduce plastic pollution:

Takeaway cups are unsustainable, and the average coffee drinker consumes three cups of coffee per day, translating to at least 300 million cups of coffee every day in the United States alone.
Leave others out of it for a minute. If you switch to reusable cups, you would be preventing a thousand or more plastic cups from polluting our environment every year. Now imagine if all of us did that.

Considering we consume over 250 billion single-use cups that ultimately end up in our landfills and oceans yearly, there's no better time than now to change our single-use culture to a more sustainable option.

2. They reduce air pollution and save our resources:

The most expensive costs of single-use cup productions are the ones that are hard to pay back. Plastic pollution is not the only hazard single-use cups pose to our environment. The production of hundreds of billions of disposable cups results in year-round air pollution by factory fumes. If our single-use dependence reduces, air pollution decreases too.
And if that is not enough, a significant number of trees are cut down yearly for single-use paper cups to be born. Trees already get cut down for meaningful purposes, hence why the NIMAL team works to provide you with a better alternative. We manufacture our reusable cups from food-grade silicone at no cost to trees or the environment.

3. They make a good impression on your behalf

Reusable cups represent you better. We design our cups to be aesthetic, classy, and attractive. Or do you want to be moving around with a paper cup in your hand?

They are also great conversation-starters — a classic case of duck, duck, goose. In a circle of single-use patronizers, your stylish reusable cup will stand out and stir up conversations. You can be sure to leave an educated, caring, and insightful impression in the minds of your friends or colleagues with little effort.
And since we are influenced more by the actions of people we know, you could easily be the one who starts a reusable cup trend among your friends. When this happens, don’t hesitate to email us for your cool friend badge.

4. They are easy to carry around:

We get it. No one wants to be walking around with a coffee flask, every day. It’s the most “tell me you are a coffee addict without telling me you are a coffee addict” accessory you can have. This is why we designed our reusable cup to possess a collapsible feature that solves one of the strongest excuses we make for single-use cup dependence. NIMAL Collapsible cups are our upgrade on the regular reusable cups to make sustainability an easier choice for you.

You can take your cup anywhere with you while it is collapsed in your pocket or purse. Done drinking? No one has to know what you did. Collapse your cup back into your pocket/purse and your indulgence in a Latte or two will forever be between you and your NIMAL cup alone.
Best BFF ever?

5. They preserve coffee better.

What good is coffee when it’s lukewarm?
A reusable cup is better insulated than single-use paper and plastic cups. And it has a tightly sealed lid that prevents exposure to air.

So you will no longer have to rush your coffee like an unfinished weekend project on Monday morning just to have it while it’s hot.
And speaking of a tightly sealed lid, say goodbye to coffee spills. Whether you are standing in a moving bus, or on a bumpy car ride, or walking fast to work, you don’t have to worry about your coffee being spilled all over you.

To encourage a sustainable lifestyle, companies like Starbucks give incentives like discounts to people who purchase their coffee in reusable cups. This means if you drink coffee twice a day, reusable cups could save you $73 every year.
Saving you money and the planet at the same time.

Ready to make the change? Our reusable collapsible cup is in stock just for you. Shop now.

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