Welcome Sustainable

Single-use and single-size cups are wasting your money and polluting the planet. By resizing and shrinking cup
consumption, we’re simplifying people’s shift to a more sustainable and miNIMAL lifestyle.

Created by a woman who wouldn’t sacrifice her passion for a cleaner environment.

“I created this brand when I realised my passion for coffee was hurting the environment.”

Our Values

Our sustainable minimalism motto, “Living consciously and contributing to a greener
tomorrow”, is inspired by the following values:


Eco-conscious shopping.

Waste approach.


Change to a miNIMAL lifestyle.

Reshape and shrink spending habits.

Focus only on what we really need.

Our Mission

Our Mission

When decluttering your life from superfluous material junk (like single-use cups or fast fashion clothes), you will focus on more meaningful things such as knowing yourself, experiences, and relationships. Plus, your miNIMAL spending attitude will lead to a more sustainable lifestyle as you’ll reduce your waste production.

You don’t have to give up what you love to save the planet

You don’t have to give up what you love to save the planet

Oh, there’s another thing we’re not minimal about. Our community!

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